‘Woman may be part of kidnappers’ gang’

Fatehwadi kidnapping attempt

Say Aslali police who recovered chocolates and chewing gums from Saleha Mondal’s possessions; have sent the sweets to FSL

The mystery behind the woman who attempted to abduct a four-year-old boy from Fatehwadi deepened on Friday. After reading the report in local newspapers, a TV shop owner recognised the woman Saleha Mondal and contacted the Aslali police. 
Mohsin Ansari who provided vital input on Saleha Mondal, the kidnapper
Shopkeeper Mohsin Ansari said, “A few days ago, I saw the woman visit A-One photo studio near my shop. She was sitting outside the studio, waiting for the photographer to open the studio. When I read the reports of a woman trying to abduct a child from this area, I recognised her picture.”  

On the basis of the information provided by Mohsin, Aslali police went to A-one studio where the photographer confirmed that the woman had been there to get her pictures clicked. 

Photographer Ashraf Baig Mirza said, “The woman came to my studio for the first time and got four pictures clicked. She picked up the photographs the next day. On March 13, she again visited my studio and got one postcard-sized picture and four passport-sized pictures clicked of herself. She spoke only Bangla. As we didn’t understand each other’s language, I didn’t get her name.” 

The police investigation has revealed that Saleha begged on the roads to make a living.

Sim card, cellphone seized

However, she never stayed at one particular place for more than two months. The cops also recovered some chocolates and chewing gums from Saleha’s possession. 

“We strongly suspect that she is part of a gang that kidnaps children and makes them beg on the streets,” police source said. The eatables have been sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for further tests.   

Deposited Rs 5,600 in son’s account

A SIM card and a cellphone was also recovered from her possession. They are now trying to get details of the calls made by Saleha. 

A paying slip of Union Bank of India was found on Saleha which revealed that she had deposited Rs 5,600 in her son’s account. Aslali police also interrogated Saleha’s neighbours at Adalaj.

DySP (Ahmedabad Rural) R K Patel confirmed that Saleha had got her pictures clicked at a studio in Fatehwadi. 

“We are investigating as to why she got her pictures clicked. Once we get the reports from FSL and her call list details, there will be a lot more clarity in the case.”

Saleha, 55, was caught red-handed on Thursday while she tried to kidnap Ishaan Pileja from Fatehwadi. 

Hearing the alarm raised by Ishaan’s mother Hamidabanu, people apprehended Saleha and beat her up. They rescued Ishaan and handed over the woman to Aslali police. It was later found that she was a native of West Bengal and couldn’t speak any language except Bangla.