Balti paneer with cockroach topping

This was what Mitesh Patel, a businessman, was served at a popular food joint on Ashram Road on Sunday night
Mehul Jani ,Hemigton James
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Posted On Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 12:09:36 AM
A pure vegetarian businessman went to a popular food joint on Ashram Road and ordered his favourite balti paneer. The generous restaurant staff made the cuisine more delicious by putting cockroach topping and that too without any hidden cost. 
Mitesh Patel (left) had earlier also drawn the attention of Cinemasala staff to the poor service. After Patel’s complaint, AMC officials collected the food samples and sent it to the lab for tests
Err... but this was served to Naranpura resident Mitesh Patel when he visited Cinemasala with his wife Ankita and one-and-half year-old son Aarav on Sunday night. The couple had ordered balti paneer, manchow soup and butter roti. They paid Rs 235 for their dinner. 

“We frequently visit this restaurant because it is less crowded and I also enjoy its food. About four months ago, my wife had found a plastic piece in her ice cream. We brought it to the staff’s notice, thinking that it could be from the plastic cup. But finding a cockroach in food is something you can’t overlook. Fortunately, I had not offer anything to my one-and-half year old son,” said 31-year-old Mitesh Patel. 

“Though I immediately informed the staff, no senior person came to hear me. After half-an-hour wait a man tuned up and identified himself as the manager. He promptly offered to refund the money and asked the attendant to take away the plate,” he said.

As this was the second such incident, Patel was in no mood to compromise. “I wanted to teach them a lesson. Today it’s me, tomorrow it can be anyone else and health is everybody’s concern. Since I didn’t have any AMC official’s number, I approached Mirror which has previously covered similar incident. With help from the correspondents, I contacted AMC officials,” Patel said.

However, before food and safety officials of corporation could reach, Sunil and Vinod Pandey, who identified themselves as restaurant owners, arrived. “They tried to influence me and hush up the issue. But they started making allegations against me that I cooked up the entire episode and also misbehaved with AM correspondents. But I didn’t succumb to their pressure and refused the refund,” Patel said. 

While the argument between Patel and owners heated up, AMC food and safety officials D N Patel and Maulik Jani arrived.

“We have collected the samples. The cockroach is clearly visible in the plate. For that, we have sent the food sample to the lab,” said D N Patel.

“We accept our mistake. But we want to assure our customers that this will not be repeated in future,” said Sunil Pandey.