Up in Honda Civic and a Mitsubishi Pajero flames in minutes

A head-on collision between a Honda Civic and a Mitsubishi Pajero resulted in total damages to both vehicles, but there were no casualties

Ahmedabad Mirror Bureau
Posted On Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 12:26:07 AM

A privately-owned Honda Civic car crashed into a Mitsubishi Pajero and burst into flames on S G Highway on Saturday afternoon. The impact was so hard that the Honda toppled the Mitsubishi on one side. 

There were no casualties, but the cars were totally damaged. This happened at a small road junction outside the petrol pump just before ‘Khodiyar ICD’ location. After a while the second car burst into flames as people were requested to stay as far away as possible. 

Authorities were called, but nobody seemed to arrive on time. According to Mirror reader Yadunandan Pujara who was a witness to the incident and also sent these pictures, “Some of the local villagers brought out a motor-operated water tanker and started spraying water on the vehicles. 

“This went on up till 4.35 pm when the local cops arrived. The Fire Brigade arrived at 4.40 pm”. According to Adalaj police, the Honda car is owned by Viral Joshi, owner of Fortune Hotel in Gandhinagar. The Pajero is owned by one Bhaumik Desai.