Again, Aamir raises the bar

Mirror takes you to the gym where the actor has been keeping a punishing fitness schedule to get a lean six-pack look for his next

Years back, while looking out for a muscular actor for a role in his film Ghulam, Aamir Khan had met a struggler, who looked fit but couldn’t act. Khan had at that time advised the young man to get into bodybuilding instead. And it was the same Satyajit Chourasia who was responsible for Aamir’s eight-pack-abs for his 2008 blockbuster Ghajini. And the rest, as we know, was history. However, a couple of years later, for Reema Kagti’s thriller Talaash, Khan needed a different body type. Mirror tells you how Mr Perfectionist got into shape this time around. A video released last night shows how Aamir went through an impossible fitness regime. Swinging from monkey bars and lifting weights, the actor sweats it out and that’s just for the look. 

When contacted, Dheepesh Bhatt, owner of the gym where Aamir has been working out told Mirror, “I had accompanied Aamir on a 20-day schedule in Pondicherry. Since then he has been working out with me.”
Aamir’s brief to Dheepesh was short but not so simple. The actor wanted to look lean with six-packs. And thus, a cross-fit training plan was chalked out for the actor that involved exercises inspired from various sports like rowing, swimming and gymnastics.

Aamir’s diet plan was also modified. Rather than eating small meals every hour, which Aamir had been following, he was now asked to eat six meals a day with every nutrient properly measured. 

And voila! Aamir’s new look was not that hard to achieve. “His form is great. Aamir worked really hard too. He is a disciplined man and we could see the results immediately,” said Dheepesh.